Hell or High Water

Hell or High Water felt like the lovechild of Fargo, Smokey and the Bandit, and the state of Texas. Which, as you might imagine, is bizarre, not particularly phenomenal, but definitely intriguing.

Now that I’ve been witty and clever, let’s talk about the movie. 🙂

It was tight and sharp, from the beginning to end. Those were the words that kept coming to my mind, through the witty, quick dialogue, the focus on the story at hand without many diversions, and the refreshing simplicity of the plot. There wasn’t anything fancy going on, but that focus what made this movie stand out a little for me from a typical bandit-western type story. The important characters were the two criminals and the two cops chasing them, and, I would argue, Texas. No frills. No one else to distract you. Continue reading “Hell or High Water”